Crystal Show

Crystal Show

Crystal Show

Contact juggling

Show program of the original genre - it's all unusual, not ordinary, not BANAL ... this is so missing in Belarus, Minsk and other cities at weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, private and business events.

It's hard to believe, one can only be surprised! Incredible SHOW CRYSTAL ILLUSION from Pavel Abakumov!

Artist of the original genre will make you believe in weightlessness and refute the laws of physics. In his professional hands the crystal balls come to life, create bizarre figures and freeze in weightlessness. It does not lend itself to any explanation - it's worth seeing in a living and literally touching a miracle!

The show of the program of crystal illusions is something amazing and original, it is magic and weightlessness, the art of manipulation. This show uses a new and original art form - contact juggling. Crystal balls in the hands of a professional and experienced artist of the original genre seem to soar in weightlessness, but in fact are in minimal contact with the body, on the edge.

To achieve mastery take years of training, and it's not us long familiar tricks, and skill and art, when a real glass or acrylic ball, really seems airy, rolls on the body. In the show the ball can be used not one of them can be, for example, four, or five or eight. All these are incredible tricks that fascinate! It's worth seeing live!

The room is perfect for surprising any audience! For example, there were already many artists performing and singing and dancing, but to you something unusual! Or vice versa, when the program is small, but you want to surprise something! Or for example during a break between a discussion on a business forum! )

Such a few people have seen, and even if seen, will again be surprised by the incredible skill!


Choose Crystal Show because:

  • To create a contact juggling number, you need a genuine great skill and skill to perform every stunt show of the program.

  • The whole show program is built on a kind of optical illusions, it's something else, unlike the well-known focal tricks

  • The show of crystal illusions also includes the interaction of the body with the object, circus tricks, contact and classical juggling

  • This new exclusive and still unique unique show in Belarus

  • The show program is best suited for chamber events of any level, children's holidays, birthdays, will be an excellent gift for the wedding, a meeting of the guests. The show involves interacting with the viewer and interacting with it.

  • Order this show program for the holiday and choose the image you like. We envisaged a variety of artistic images and numbers to represent the show of the original genre (classic costume, reptile, medieval knight and other numerous images that will suit any event and children's holiday).

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